How We Work


How We Work

Identifying Adverse Behaviours

Children can be extremely distressed if they are unable to keep up with their peers in the educational setting. This particularly applies to the children of average intelligence and above. Difficulties sap confidence and can lead to a fear of school and failure. Some may seek to avoid school or some may develop adverse behaviours to mask difficulties. Some may plod on but feel sadness inside them.

If you have a child and you think they may benefit then contact me by Email or Telephone 01636 673 045            

Appointment to Assess

An appointment will be made for an assessment.

At that assessment you will be asked to complete a questionnaire relating to birth and early years of the child as in many cases there is a connection. There is a separate questionnaire on Listening.

An assessment includes Listening and Movement and the best course for the child will be discussed in light of results. The tests will include educational tests, standard neurological tests and tests of auditory and visual skills in particular.

Ongoing Support

For both programs, if followed privately a certain commitment from the parents is required with regards overseeing the home program.

There will be visits at the start and end of the listening programme and advice and support is available during the program.

There will be additional regular visits every 6-8 weeks for up to a year for movement and again support and advice is offered throughout.

Progressive Programs

The programs are suitable for adults as well as children and I do deal with adults and they have experienced success in improving speed of reading and processing.

 The majority of cases I am called upon to deal with are children because of the problems with education. Adults have found strategies to compensate in the academic area but gain particularly in increased general confidence and increased fluency in reading.

Fees available on request.

FREE telephone consultation to discuss the individual needs and the best way forward.