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To keep abreast of developments in learning
and to use skill and knowledge to help individuals to realise
their true potential by offering programs which will contribute to this.





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Tools for Life offers help to children with difficulties. Symptoms may include any or all of the following;
• Underachievement at school
• Difficulty with reading, writing and comprehension
• Speech problems
• Coordination difficulties, difficulty catching a ball, swimming, riding a bike or general clumsiness
• Weird pencil grip, poor writing, use of excessive pressure
• Did not crawl as baby
• Poor posture
• Unable to tie shoe laces
• Poor attention and concentration
• Clingy to parent or dependent on routine, fearful and shy
• Lack of confidence, low self esteem
• Poor organisational skills
• Inability to follow instructions
• Fatigued by schoolwork
• Bed wetting beyond normal age where there is no medical cause
• Inability to sit still
• Unexplained sadness

Programmes such as Primary Movement, Listening Training and EASIE in particular may be used to address these difficulties in order to bring academic progress and improvement to the quality of life for the whole family - reducing difficulties long term rather than just providing coping strategies.

Tools for Life is run by Gwyneth Jeyes, and information about Gwyneth and the Tools for Life can be found on this site. If you feel you need more or would like a free telephone consultation...



How We Work

We work in four core ways:  by identifying adverse behaviours, making an appointment to assess, giving ongoing support and using our progressive programs.

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The EASIE Program
EASIE stands for Exercise and Sound in Education

It will be of interest to all those involved in health and education, parents and professionals. The program comprises six sets of simple exercises and suggested music for listening.

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The Listening Program

Our listening programme aims to deliver an improvement in auditory memory, facilitating a more proactive school life and learning environment.

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Our Primary Movement program works to improve memory, tackle tantrums and foster success in school.

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