Other Difficulties

Other Difficulties

Children may only have problems in one area, reflexes or listening or they may have problems in addition to these.

Nutritional problems may include:
• Deficiencies in Fatty Acids
• Zinc or other Vitamins and minerals

There may be sensitivities to:
• Dairy products
• Gluten
• Additives Or
• other substances

Whilst general advice can be offered I would refer clients to a nutritionist for more specialised advice as appropriate.

For some children these problems may be part of a labelled disorder. Recent research has shown that children on the autistic spectrum retain primary reflexes and attendance to that may bring results, which demonstrate great improvement but may not address the whole of the constituents encompassed by the disorder.

There may be additional medical problems and efforts should be made to work with professionals in other spheres. There is no panacea for all ills but reduction of problems in any of the areas will bring improvement.