Tools for Life is credited with helping many children with behavioural problems and  learning problems and difficulties.

From Alice Vickers:
(A graduate construction Manager diagnosed with dyscalculia during the last year of her degree course)
"Following the programmes I have become more co-ordinated, less clumsy and better at sports. My time keeping and time awareness has massively improved. I have lost my fear of numbers and have even set about using spread sheets. I no longer jump when startled. I was invited onto the Management Programme when previously I had been rejected because of the impact of problems in the workplace. I am happy with the progress made and with myself."

From a Mother:
"Oliver has been able to concentrate better, fidgets less and has very much improved posture."

From a Mother:
"It is a pleasure to see my son writing and to know he likes school and takes part in sports."

From a teacher:
"They are generally happier, more rounded people."

Link to Newark Advertiser article

See some examples of work  on You Tube DVD by Developmental Practitioners Association  entitled Moving Towards Success Parts 1 &